Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Danbo Cocktail Party

Danbo Cocktail Party
Today was the first day after the Christmas break that the house was back to normal, i woke after doing a late shift last night, to a empty house. Over Christmas i eyed up the over sized martini glass we had purchased and had an idea i wanted to try out. It was simply to capture a cherry splashing in the water. So today seemed a good day to set up the shot.

I took my old black curtain and set it up on the kitchen table supported by my travel tripod and a few boxes. I took the glass filled it with water. I then set up my Canon Eos 7D on a tripod and set up my Speedlight 580exii on a lightstand with a Lumiquest III softbox attached. The camera was fired by a canon infra red control and the speedlight was fired by the 7Ds built in transmitter. I also used the onboard flash with a hotshoe diffuser dialled down to about 1/128th or 1/64th power, cant remember exactly but it was one of the two. Used this as just a bit of fill flash.

After taking a few shots to get the lighting as i wanted these were the settings i used:-

Camera Settings
  • Manual Mode
  • Manual Focus
  • 1/250th sec
  • F/8.0
  • ISO 100
  • Built in Flash set to fire at 1/128th or 1/64th power
Speedlight Settings
  • Manual Mode
  • 1/8th power
  • Lumiquest III softbox attached
  • Fired wirelessly
The glass on its own didn't really have any kind of impact so i decided to include a few bottles and invited my wife's beloved Danbo duo to a party!

With the stage set it was now all a matter of timing the shot. The cherry was dropped by hand and as it fell i fired the IR controller checked the shot wiped down area and re shot. This was the cycle until i got a few shots i was happy with.

Made a few adjustments in photoshop which were:
  • Shadow highlights adjustments
  • Increase contrast
  • Levels adjustments
  • Hue/Saturation adjustments
  • Curve adjustments
  • Sharpened
  • Copyrighted
  • Added Border

Here is a photo of my make shift kitchen studio setup !

Studio Set up

 Thanks for looking and reading this far ! Hope someone found it useful and as ever please feel free to comment ....

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