Friday, 24 August 2012

Sunrise Viking Bay Broadstairs

Viking Bay Broadstairs Kent

Well holiday is well and truly over and really feels like time for another already, this week was early turn at work for me and luckily for me a long weekend ! With that in mind i decided to do a sunrise shot, which is something i have never done! Normally on a day off i like a lie in after getting up early or getting in late all week, but i thought i must do it so today was the day. Even my wife was up bright and early at four this morning to come with me, and she brought doughnuts!
After looking at possible locations earlier in the week and checking out The Photographers Ephemeris desktop app i decided on Viking Bay, this is the main beach in Broadstairs. Off we set at about half four this morning to scout the area out for the best location to shoot from, wasn't sure if i wanted a high cliff top shot or one that was lower down. My wife and i walked along the cliff top and made our way down onto the boardwalk which runs along the beach area. I tried a couple of test shots but there were a couple of powerful spot lights along the small harbour wall which was causing a lot of flare and loss of detail in the image. Also we wasn't positive of where the sun would actually appear from.
We then decided it would be better back up top looking across the bay from the top of the cliff. I tried a couple of spots and decided on this spot which had some foreground interest with the wild flowers growing along the top of the cliff. It was then just a matter of waiting, and waiting, in hindsight we got there a little earlier than needed but a lesson learnt.
Daylight began to break across the bay with only one other person around at the time, he was on the beach with a metal detector looking for buried treasure no doubt! The sky had a great look about it with some nice blue tones and some clouds. I was thinking this was going to be a great sunrise first time out, how wrong i was.
There was that much cloud that we never actually saw the sun break the horizon, it just kind of appeared two thirds of the way up but banded behind a bank of cloud, then dissapeared never to be seen again!
Really should make more of a effort to get out earlier in the day as the light is just beautiful, just not tomorrow!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Santa Ponsa Mallorca Holiday

Board Walk Santa Ponsa, Mallorca

Been back from my holiday for over two weeks already, and now feels like i never had one. We went to Santa Ponsa which is on the South West coast of Mallorca. There is not a lot of information on this resort on the web but if you ever get the chance go!

It is a great location as transport is so easy from here. Five minute walk from our hotel was the main bus stop where you could get a bus to pretty much anywhere on the island or even a Taxi.We used the bus for a day out to Palma which was very easy.

Anyway this is the reason i have not managed to post many images but hope normal service will resume soon.

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