Friday, 30 November 2012

Coastal Dreams

Took the camera down to Ramsgate Seafront and found my way down towards the harbour. I wanted a long exposure with some real cloud movement but as you can see even after a 2 min exposure the clouds were not playing ball.

So at home I was processing this image and playing with the colour temperature, I increased the blues and the magenta. I thought this looked like a fantasy type effect so thought what could I do to give it a soft dreamy feel.

Copied the edited image to its own layer (ctrl+shift+Alt+E), in Photoshop. I then duplicated the layer (Ctrl+J) I then applied a Gaussian blur to the layer, just enough to through it slightly out of focus. I added a layer mask set the blend mode to soft light and painted the effect back out of the groyne area.

I quiet like the dreamy feel to the image, not exactly what I was after but sometimes you just got to roll with it!!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

London South Bank Christmas Fair

London South Bank Christmas Fair

With a day off and a plan in mind i headed up to London to get a few shots i had thought about, most of which were long exposures to make use of my Lee Big Stopper. However, i picked the only day this week that had a clear blue sunny sky!! Not good for what i had in mind.

So with my plans in ruins i walked around London for a while and pretty much ended up along the South Bank as the sun was going down, i must have walked for miles, feeling it now poor old man!

The South Bank was setting up for the Christmas fair which was full of colour and smells from mulled wine and crapes. There was lots to look at and if you have never been before i think its well worth a visit, great place to take the family to get in the festive mood.

I had tried to get a shot of the Lady and the Dolphin fountain near Tower Bridge but as i had my tripod out and was setting up some wireless speedlites i was approached by security and was TOLD i was a PROFESSIONAL ! I said have you seen my work then you may feel a bit different if you had lol ! Anyway no point arguing with them so i was polite, as were they to be fair, i gave up on that idea and made my way across Tower Bridge and strolled along the river back towards the South Bank.

Here are a few more shots i managed to get along the way

Blackfriars Bridge

Rebuilding London


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Bushy Ruff House

Bushy Ruff House
Russell Gardens Kearsney

Out for a walk with my wife and came accross this old house. Its located in Kearsney on the Russell Gardens side. Sadly it has extensive fire damage and nothing much remains, but the location and condition of this place made for a great photo.