Saturday, 23 June 2012

London Trip

The Dark Knight Rises

Good day in London today still working my way through the images but think i got a few to work on. This building is situated near Tower Bridge and City Hall. Not sure the architect new what he was creating at the time but still very impressive building

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Homemade Photography Background

Lee  & Tash

I have been looking at various options for a photography background from the well known brands to just different designs on sheets, the large branded ones are expensive and the bed sheets and things are limited to their size and proportions. So i looked at material and decided to buy some extra wide dye sheeting. This is about 2.5 X 5 meters or 8.5 X 16.5 feet. The size is perfect for any type of portrait work from a single portrait, couples or small family groups. The length is ideal for full length shots as the background simply fills the frame into the foreground , as shown below.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Port Lympne

Tiger at Port Lympne

Todays weather was the best day by far this week so took the family to Port Lympne, after making our way through the ticket office the first place we visited was the Tiger enclosure. These animals are so majestic, i was totally smitten them.

We watched for a while and then left made our way around the complex and before we left revisited the Tigers, they are by far my favourite , so photographic
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Botany Bay Sunset

Sunset Botany Bay Broadstairs

Been meaning to visit this bay for a while and have not been out with the camera for a while , mainly due to work, so decided to finally pay it a visit.

Botany Bay is a beautiful sandy bay near the Captain Digby pub in Kingsgate. The bay is a quiet bay with some great cliff formations which have been carved out by mother nature over thousands of years. The tide goes out a fair distance exposing a large sandy beach with areas of rock, creating interesting rock pools the kids will love to explore.

This is a great bay for the family or as a photographer, its a ideal location for sunsets and on the right day it will not disappoint.

When taking sunset shots i find it better to under expose by about 1 stop, this will bring out the rich vibrant colours and i think it also helps to have the white balance set to cloudy as this will tend to slightly warm the whole image, providing you are shooting in RAW this can be done in post.
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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Suprise Winner

Didn't even realise they were entered into a draw when i added it to the Aputure Flickr group but this entry has won this months competition and i win a set of new triggers, very nice :-)

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