Thursday, 19 April 2012

Catbells from Hoarse End

A gentle walk even the grandparents can do ! I think that was a quote I read but you would have to be a pretty fit biddy ! It a fairly steep climb to start before reaching the first flat spot. From here you walk along for a while to you reach a rocky scramble which if, like me, you take the wrong route it turns into a but of a climb up slippery rocks with a nice drop below if you fall. This was a nervous point but one we managed. From here was a short scramble to the summit. After a nice rest and a few photos we walked further along towards high spy although we didn't make it all the way, we came back via a disused mine and along a footpath taking is around catbells towards skelgill. The view from the summit of catbells were breathtaking overlooking Derwent water, keep looking at my Flickr for images to follow in coming days.

Sadly this was our last day and tomorrow we head home leaving behind the lakes I love so much . Thanks to my mate Barry for a good few days hope to do some of the bigger fells next time. Sadly not getting any younger and did find it a bit if a struggle at times .

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