Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Grove Ferry

Grove Ferry Inn

Took a drive down to Grove Ferry today, parked in the car park at a cost of £1 for the day. There is a nice picnic area here and of course the Grove Ferry Inn, serving a range of drinks, snacks and meals.

Hold on to the Buoy

I had a quick look around the picnic area and made a mental note for when the weather improves as it might be a nice place to come sit and relax and watch some of the small boats go by that are moored here all year round. The picnic tables had a raised metal shelf on one end which I can only assume is to facilitate the use of the disposable BBQs .

Stodmarsh Lake

I then found my way to the other side of the road and along a public footpath for Stodmarsh.
I walked along this path for a fair distance and along the way came across a couple of lakes where I assume all the birds and bird watchers like to come. I am no twitcher but the area is very tranquil. I again make a mental note as it could make a nice early morning sunrise shot or a late evening sunset location, will have to do some research to find out the best time of year to come for either of the shots. I am not sure how far you can go along this path but it goes a fair distance, I decided to turn back before the path ended and headed back to the car to change my boots and head home.


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