Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Website updated

Been working on a new website lately and I had a specific look in mind. I wanted a site that gave a full screen view of the images which fills your browser when you enter the site. For some of you out there that may have seemed like a simple straight forward thing to do, but for someone that knows really nothing about html or css this posed a challenge for me.

After a little research I came across the Jquery Supersized plugin which when looking at there site seemed to be exactly what I was after so set about trying to use it.

Try as I might I could not figure out how to get my images to display at all!! Very kindly Mark Lee gave me some help and pointed me in the right direction. Managed to figure out how to load the html script into a html editor such as dreamweaver and edit it to my preferences.

I have only managed to get a simple slideshow up and running but I think its looking good so far. I hope to be able to add some more content such as pages and images more links etc but I got to figure that out next!

Thanks again to Mark Lee for his invaluable help please have a look at the site and let me know your thoughts.

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