Friday, 30 November 2012

Coastal Dreams

Took the camera down to Ramsgate Seafront and found my way down towards the harbour. I wanted a long exposure with some real cloud movement but as you can see even after a 2 min exposure the clouds were not playing ball.

So at home I was processing this image and playing with the colour temperature, I increased the blues and the magenta. I thought this looked like a fantasy type effect so thought what could I do to give it a soft dreamy feel.

Copied the edited image to its own layer (ctrl+shift+Alt+E), in Photoshop. I then duplicated the layer (Ctrl+J) I then applied a Gaussian blur to the layer, just enough to through it slightly out of focus. I added a layer mask set the blend mode to soft light and painted the effect back out of the groyne area.

I quiet like the dreamy feel to the image, not exactly what I was after but sometimes you just got to roll with it!!

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  1. Love this shot Lee, the fantasy / dreamy effect works superbly, Well done mate


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