Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Kingsgate Bay Broadstairs Kent

Kingsgate Bay Broadstairs Kent

For years i have lived and worked in Kent but today was the first time i had actually been down onto the beach below the Captain Digby in Broadstairs Kent. This little bay has so many photographic opportunities. Today wasn't the best day as i really wanted to try out my new circular polariser but the conditions were not as i hoped. But mental note made for a return to this spot on a better day!

That is my point, keep an eye out for photographic opportunities of where to shoot and at what time of day and year then return to the location to bag your shot!

The above shot is a HDR image with just three exposures i used photomatix pro 4 to create HDR image then tweaked in Photoshop CS5

Will return here during the summer for a evening sunset shot
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